Hair Transplants
The Ultimate Solution to Hair Loss


How many hair transplant sessions are needed


One of our most common questions that we get asked is – how many hair transplant procedures will I need?

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Five Tips of what NOT to do when you are losing your hair

Do not think that your hair loss is not that bad. You need to recognize what stage of hair loss you have and how your hair loss in continuing.?

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What do Chris Evans, Henry Cavill, Hugh Jackman, Mark Ruffalo, and Paul Rudd have in common? Yes, they all played superheroes in movies. They all saved the Earth from dark forces and annihilation.

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NuHart Hair Transplants is a Growing Solutions for Women

In the past, hair transplants has been predominately focused on men and until more recently women were not made aware that hair transplants could be a solution for them.

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International Society of Hair Restoration on Hairline Design

Whenever considering hair restoration, a patient must have a physician with experience and results designing natural-looking hairlines.

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Could There Soon be a Cure for Hair Loss?


Hair loss is an unpleasant fact of life for the four in five men who will lose at least some of their hair by the age of 70. However, there could soon be a permanent cure for hair loss within the next two years.

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Hair Loss is Extremely Common

For men that feel like they are alone in their struggles with hair loss, think again. Hair loss is actually an extremely common occurrence that impacts millions of men.

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Get Thicker Hair Back — and the Confidence You Deserve

Not everyone keeps a full head of hair.  For some people, aging leads to hair loss.  For others, it’s purely genetic.  You don’t have to live with it, though.  If you’re considering hair restoration, you’re on the right path!  It’s natural, safe, and permanent.

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Bad Hair Day: Hipsters

Over the past few years it seems that hipsters have grown in numbers across the country. And with a rise in hipsters comes a boost in leather jackets and odd hairstyles. Some hipster haircuts look cute and innovative, while others look like a dead skunk on top of their heads.

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Postpartum Hair Loss: What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

Many think of hair restoration as something for the middle-aged and older. Yet hair loss among women who have recently given birth is not that uncommon. Called postpartum hair loss, it’s a great thing to educate pregnant women about.

What It Is And What Causes It

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Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow, Hair for the Rest of Your Life

Hair loss isn’t necessarily a sign of aging.  Similar to how some people can start graying in their 20s, hair loss can hit at a shockingly young age.  The process happening is simple: damaged hair follicles that lead to hair shedding that’s more rapid than hair growth.  There IS a solution, though.

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Popular Hairstyles That Can Lead to Hair Loss

Think all haircuts are created equal? Think again. Some hair styles are just way, way cooler than others. Case and point, the girl below would not look as cool without her sweet dreadlocks.

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Natural Remedies for Preventing Hair Loss

Going bald can be traumatic for some, especially if you are an advocate for keeping your hair naturally. Well, turns out naturopaths (those that practice alternative medicine techniques like vitalism) have some ideas for “natural” ways to grow back your priceless locks.

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A Few Myths about Hair Loss Dispelled

With so many people concerned about going bald, many myths exist about what might prevent and cause baldness. Here are a few myths about hair loss that we would like to finally dispel.

Baseball Caps Make You Bald

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Study Finds that Men Prefer Women with Brown Hair

For all the femme fatales out there hoping to garner all the attention from the men with blonde hair, think again. A new study found that approximately only 30 percent of men prefer blondes. With red hair being the least favorite of men at 8 percent, that leaves an astounding 60 percent of men who adore the brown and black-haired beauties.

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Turns Out There Wasn’t Another Fist Under Chuck Norris’s Facial Hair

Chuck Norris’s beard is almost as iconic as the man himself; but now, in an unexpected move, he’s done the unthinkable and shaved it off.

The response has been mostly negative, with most of his fans hoping he’ll decide to grow it out again since he just doesn’t look like himself without it.

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Battle of New York Hair: Yankees vs Mets

Baseball season is just around the corner and it’s official, the boys of New York — the New York Yankees and the New York Mets — considered two of the best teams in the sport, are donning their hats and pleats and are ready to entertain us on the field. But the question on everyone’s mind is: what is really going on under those hats? Are there luscious locks a plenty or are any of those team members in need of getting a hair transplant in New York, their home base?

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The 3 Best Vitamins for Your Hair

Who doesn’t want a thicker, shinier head of hair? While there isn’t one specific vitamin or food that will accomplish this, these three supplements will nourish your hair and restore the vibrant glow and thickness it’s meant to have.

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Interesting Hair Loss Statistics

Hair loss is something that can be difficult to cope with and is often a sour conversation topic for many men. But in reality, over 35 million men in the US suffer with some type of hair loss every year. Additionally, surgical treatment options may seem to some as a tiresome process that takes many sessions to bring results. This is actually far from the truth, as most men requiring only two sessions to replace the hair on their heads. Check out this infographic about men’s hair loss for more information and stats.

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Top 5 Natural Ingredients That Should Be IN Your Hair!

We all lust for gorgeous locks of flowing, healthy hair; but in reality, we’re at the mercy of extreme weather changes, harsh water, relentless chemicals, and so much more. So what’s a girl to do to get the hair she’s always wanted in such a climate as today? It’s simple. Go back to the basics of hair care with the following five natural health care remedies that will have you rejoicing once again over the natural state of your hair.

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Thinning Hair Could Be Result of Unbalanced Diet

Having a full head of luscious locks isn’t something that everyone is born with. Some of us have it and lose it; others never have it in the first place; and even more of us find that age gets the better of our hair, turning it thin and brittle — which is why many turn to hair transplants later in life.

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Which Hair Color Are Men Most Attracted To?

The old adage that’s been around for years is that “blondes have more fun” or “gentleman prefer blondes,” but when put to the test, do these stereotypes hold up?

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Restoring Hair Loss in Women Is Not as Hard as You Think

Hair loss impacts millions of women around the world, yet it remains a taboo topic that causes women to suffer in silence. It is attributed to a number of things, and, according to recent news articles “Hair loss is often linked to hormonal changes, commonly menopause.”

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Hair Science (Special St Patty’s Day Post!): Are Redheads More Sensitive?

With Saint Patrick’s Day upon us, we don our finest green apparel and hope to look like the Irish lassies and lads of this great country — red hair and all. But does being a redhead mean being more sensitive than the rest of us?

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New York Hair Icon of the Month: Carrie Bradshaw

Who doesn’t love Sex and the City and its leading lady, Carrie Bradshaw? More specifically, who doesn’t love her hair? Whether it’s as a young woman in The Carrie Diaries or an independent, successful woman in Sex and the City, her hairstyle always looks effortlessly perfect.

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New York Vs. London: Which Men Have Better Style?

UK v. US?

This article in the Dallas Morning News asks the question: Do American men have less style than British men? It’s a complicated question. Certainly, Americans have a reputation for a more casual style. Generally speaking, the British don’t go outdoors in their pajamas, whereas many Americans will wear sweatpants and slippers to the grocery store. (See The Big Lebowski for evidence).

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Hair Science: Does Stress Cause Gray Hair?

Stress has many negative effects on the body: high blood pressure, indigestion, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and . . . gray hair? Most people believe there is a link between stress and gray hair; but is the link really as certain as we’re led to believe?

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Which President had the Coolest Hair?

President’s Day is tomorrow (the 18th of February)! Which brings to mind… hair. Yes. Hair. Why? Because good hair is an essential part of everyone’s image, and as we know, since television began to rule the election cycles, you can’t become President of the United States if you’re one of two things: too good looking, or too unattractive. If you’re too good looking, you’re perceived as inaccessible and threatening to folks of the same gender, and if you’re not good looking enough… well that’s obviously a problem, since your face will be beamed into millions of homes in high definition.

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Chicago Hair 911: How to Protect Your Hair from the Wind

Live in Chicago? Then you know why it’s called the Windy City. Because it’s windy, obviously… and that creates certain problems. Umbrellas get snatched from your hand, cellular phone calls get muffled, and if you have hair and live in Chicago, then you know what wind can do to it. You spend an hour prepping in the morning… shampoo, conditioner, dry, primp, product… only to have it ruined by the first gust of wind as you step outside. Here are a couple tricks to protect yourself:

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The 5 Most Romantic Hairstyles of All Time

Beautiful hair has the ability to cast a spell, which is a definition of “romance.” Here are five of the most romantic styles ever:

#5 Relaxed Waves
Relaxed is good, as are waves; and there is such a thing as too straight.

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Valentine’s Hair in NY: 5 New York Updos for Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! This means a few things: chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Along with high blood sugar, Valentine’s Day will bring awkward dates, people putting off break-ups, people planning proposals, people making dinner plans, people breaking dinner plans, and people figuring out what they’re going to wear to said dinner plans. Another important Valentine’s Day tradition is people figuring out how they’re going to do their hair. It’s all very serious, of course, and we all want to look good. Here are 5 romantic updos for your night out in NYC that’ll rock your partner’s eyeballs and make him happy to have made reservations three months in advance:

Flower Girl

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3 Cute Hairstyles For Valentine’s Day

Love it or hate it, but V-Day is coming for you. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether you plan on cozying up with your sweetie, or celebrating with your girls, we’ve gathered the top hairstyles to keep you looking gorgeous on love’s big day.

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The Best Hair From New York Fashion Week: Spring 2013

The spring season is beginning to kick off, which means loads of fun, new  hairstyles and looks to play around with. Let’s take a sneak peak into the hair trends that turned heads on the runways.

Chic and Urban

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Great Hair in a New York Minute: The Side Twist

The side twist has been around forever. It’s a timeless, chic hairstyle that works for a quick trip to the gym or an elegant night on the town. Quick is the key word. The side twist covers all of your bases and is a great style to fall back on no matter what the occasion.

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New Yorker’s Seek Duchess Style

It’s been a long time since a single hair obsession has hit America, but like “The Rachel” obsession of the 90’s, there’s a new style women are clamoring over. Women all over the country are racing to the salon to copy Kate Middleton’s glossy brunette waves. The Duchess of Cambridge recently unveiled a new hairstyle featuring bouncy waves and face-framing bangs, and her new look hasn’t gone unnoticed. Several of New York’s top hair salons have reported a high number of their clients requesting

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Do New York Wall Street Elites Sport Mustaches? Study Says Yes

It’s a common stereotype that men with facial hair can’t get high paying jobs, but recent research suggest that Wall Street’s elite members might very well be sporting facial hair. In a study

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Get Hair Like a New York Jets Flight Crew Cheerleader

The New York Jets Flight Crew made it’s debut with a small 10-member squad in 2007. Since their debut season the Flight Crew has risen in numbers and Jets fans couldn’t be more pleased with the growth of their favorite teams cheerleading squad. As the popularity and success of the squad continue to grow so does the desire to be on a flight crew. Hundreds of young talented girls turn up each year to audition for a coveted spot on the Flight Crew.

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3 More Men’s Hairstyles You Can Expect to See in 2013

Hair trends change just as quickly as hair gets blown by the wind. Long, short, up, down, product, no-product… we all have to accept that trends don’t stop for anybody, least of all celebrities whose careers depend on them looking like we think they ought to look. Here are three of the current and coming men’s hair trends we anticipate seeing in 2013:

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3 Men’s Hairstyles You Can Expect to See in 2013

Hair! Men, women, kids, adults, tweens, teens – everybody deals with it, and while no two people have the same head of hair, you can say this about hair generally: hair-trends change, and sometimes not always for the better. Here are three men’s hairstyles you can expect to see in 2013!

The James Franco

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How To Get Healthy, Gorgeous Hair In Winter

Winter can wreck your hair. The killer combo of dry heat and static and bitter winter wind can make your gorgeous locks looking anything but healthy and shiny. Here are a few tips to help you get the best looking head of winter hair.

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